R.A.M Pickup Item: Initial Design

This morning I have been working on designing the in-game pick up… The R.A.M.

I searched on Google for R.A.M to get an idea of how I wanted it to look and I also looked at cartoon style drawings. I initially begun by designing a 3D-looking image before deciding that our game will be 2D so it would look out of place.

Here is my first complete design. I will be having a discussion with Dylan about how he feels, whether he likes it or can suggest any improvements before developing further if need be.

RAM Pickup

I am happy with how it looks and I’m confident that it will be clear to see and understand what it is while in-game and in the world we create. I think that even if the player has never seen a stick of R.A.M before they will easily be able to identify this as a computer component or something of the sort.

Personally after having looked at the design, I think it could potentially benefit from being thinner, and maybe longer. It looks a little tall and chunky, whereas R.A.M is typically fairly thin and long.

– Ryan

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