Paper Game Plan

Firstly I thought that I would start by getting our ideas onto paper of how want the overall game to plan out. Here are the results:

Wireframe 1 Wireframe 2

We needed to get a plan for the how the game navigation will work so I added 4 options; one to go straight into the game, a how to play button, settings and a button which will be linked to the partnering website. On the how to play screen there will be a lot of information on how to play the actual game so like the buttons (w,a,s,d) and alongside them there will be screenshots from in game showing an example. I have added a settings option just in case we need it or not so that is not final as of yet as we me not even need it but it is certainly something to consider.

The next part I have broken down how the game is going to look, for example you can see where text is going to be, where the character is going to be and the obstacles etc.



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