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HTML Coding

Week 3 – Myself and Ryan have begun working on our coding skills. Firstly we have started on basic HTML to get back into the swing of things and refresh our memory on coding, we will need to these skills for when we make our website and when we begin on our game so we thought we’d best get started on it! With us both going into unknown territory want to make sure we know a lot about how to make the game and why things do/don’t work rather than just jumping straight in and using trial and error as we want to make a successful project! 

Html screenshotHtml screenshot 2 Dylan



Main Idea

This is the first week back. Ryan and I have decided that this semester we will collaborate to make one project; and that will be an educational game based on coding.

Our first idea was to make a game which utilises maths or other core school subjects, but we quickly decided that they were already too mainstream so we ended up coming on to the idea of coding after discovering it has recently been introduced into schools in these past few years.

Ryan pitched our idea in front of class today as a lightning pitch. The feedback from the pitch was very positive and the tutors recommended a few websites for us to further research. It was said that the idea has a lot of potential and was very creative.

Our idea in a nut shell is basically to add the fun into coding by combining the fun aspect of games and putting it with the education of coding, the game will be a platformer game with a simple up, down, left, right controls and the player will get past the level and come up to the question where they can’t pass until  they have answered the question correctly. Once they have the question correct then the player can move forward with the levels and continue answering different questions, alongside the game there will be an partner website so if the player is struggling they can go onto the website to help them.